It is advantageous for IT (technology such as PC and Internet) to be good at! People who are weak are mostly convinced!

Prerequisite knowledge
* IT is a generic term for PC and Internet technology
I usually work in architecture, but there are many people who are not good at IT (especially personal computers) in architectural relations.
I was not very good at about five or six years ago.
About 15 years ago I did not have a PC and I could not operate at all.
However, I think that I am going to be a good customer for architectural people now (excluding sales people).
The thing that can be said reliably is that it is advantageous if IT is good at it, if it is not good, it will result in considerable loss.
And I think that the majority of people who are not good at IT are just thinking that they are not good at it.

1. When I was good at IT, I got a chance to think that it was advantageous

It was the chance that I thought that IT was advantageous, but when I was working as a hero show before.
In 2003, a large show of the amusement park was handed over by the business partner of the theater company that I operated, and my theater company also helped.
Because it is a large show, the show sound source is a complete package (a sound source with all BGM and dialogue etc. in it), and business partners will also do the production of the show sound source.
The customer did not use a personal computer, etc., and was connecting a sound device to produce a show sound source, but while saying “0.5 seconds, the sound shifted,” middle productions did not proceed and a show sound source was created It was the first morning of the performance (; ‘∀’)
However, the same amusement park show was produced by a former contractor from another season, but the former contractor company produces the show sound source on a personal computer, making it many times faster than my business counterpart I’m sorry.

2. Getting IT if you are good at it

First of all, I would like to talk from my example.

At the time I was running the hero show ‘s theater company, I was a super analog person.

Writing an invoice was also handwritten, but if you make a mistake you have to rewrite it.

However, since I’m typing in a PC now, I can do it in a fraction of the handwriting era, even if I make a mistake in writing I will do it again, since I am using calculation software, I calculate it without hitting a calculator I will do it.

Even if it takes time and effort to process with analog,
There are many things that can be easily done with IT processing!

It is possible to reduce the time that can be shortened by IT processing to other work, and it is also possible to reduce the number of people hired, which also leads to cost reduction.

3. The majority of people who are not good at IT are only concerned with weakness

I think that many of those who think that IT is not good, many people who have a weak consciousness on the basis of the foundation, or who are not studying IT at all.

In other words, I think that a person who is not going to pick up a driver ‘s license is in a state that thinks driving a car is not good.

As another example, I thought that I was not good at studying because my grades were bad for my student days.

But when I think carefully I have not studied at all and I have not heard any lessons at all.

It is a genius if the result is good with this (laugh)

In other words, my grades were not good because I am not good at studying, I was not studying, so my grades were bad (; ‘∀’)

People who do not like IT (especially personal computers) are not good at it because they are not good at it, so I think that it is mostly not that they can not do it because they are not doing it.

Of course, people have poor hands, so I think that some IT people (especially personal computers) are not good at studying.

If you are really not good at it, I do not think you need to take impossibility.

By the way I made you think that I’m good at it (* ‘∀’)

4. How to study IT

Although I am studying IT,
I will learn somewhere (computer school etc.)
If someone tells me, I will tell you
Self study
And so on.
By the way I am almost self taught.
In the beginning, I was listening to friends familiar with IT (especially personal computer) more than me by phone, but as I repeated calls many times (laugh), I searched on the net from the way and examined became.
Of course, things like customer service are contacting customer service or exchanging information when IT meets with good friends.
I myself did not go to learn about IT, including personal computer schools, but depending on the person, it may be more efficient to go to learn than self taught.
In my case I am not a fixed salary job, so I decided to go to self study to earn money to go for learning.
Because I myself studied by self study, I think that it was good because the habit to search by search was good.
※ It is my personal thought to the last.

5.What is advantageous from now on if IT is good at

Finally, I think that it is advantageous from now on if IT is good at it, but the performance and service of IT-related equipment will continue to improve in the future.
People who are good at IT, as IT-related specs are raised, the processing capacity of work will increase accordingly.
If so, you better be good.
Those who are not keenly aware of IT may not be weak if they get over the basic part of the foundation, and they may be gone.
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