Choose internet fax

When I considered independence in my current work (architectural relations)
It was troublesome so I had one thing I thought I had to do.
That’s fax.

When I was doing work related to an event before,
Mail was the mainstream for contact, including sending materials etc. However,
In the field of architecture, faxing is still mainstream.
In my case I live in Osaka city, but my parents are currently in Kyoto city,
When the work in Kyoto direction continues, we may stay at home.
Also, at the end of the work, I do not return to my home (cum office) and may leave as it is.
However, in the case of fax Unlike mail,
I have to go back to my home and office for fax only

Moreover, in the architectural relationship, there are many people in charge who are on site,
Many things that fax comes late, and you will not be able to go out until a fax comes (T_T)
Therefore, as a result of investigating variously, I learned that there is Internet fax.

This is very convenient (☆ ゚ ∀ ゚)

Currently, I am using only Internet fax without using normal fax.